Friday, 27 January 2012

Jenny the Man

Awrite. Puppet making today at art therapy school.
This is "Jenny the Man", a tribesman with Trent Reznor 'Head Like a Hole' era hair. (I recommend clicking and listening as you finish the post :P)

While I can't be certain to what degree I am just making something because certain shapes and colours are pretty to me and then coming up with a story to make it fit to my life (THE PUZZLE PIECES MUST FIT!!! THEY MUST!! MY HUMAN MIND CANNOT ACCEPT RANDOMNESS AS A REALITY) it is fun and feels in some ways satiating.

I have been listening to Jonathan Haidt talk about religion and it's uses, religiosity being something I have looked down on for ages as nutty people control.
People coming together through dance/morality/ritual/tribe stuff is powerful, and I could decide this puppet is my inner tribesman, horrified at my exorcising myself from any kind of community most of the time.
So today I stroked his tiny feathery 'ed and reconsidered my contempt for being tribal.

Here is a great video, learning a lot of new takes on things from him. He thinks differences in morality in is more to do with personal taste than reasoning.

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