Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New thingzzz*£@

My first post in abshalutely agesh.

Main reason being I made a banner (see top of page) and I love it :) so putting it somewhere seemed the next logical step.
I have been editing a lot of drawings with the purpose of building a website out of them, though assessing what is 'quality' enough is a little fuddly. (I made up that last word up before you check any dictionary for it)

I have been looking into how to illustrate freelance, learning Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 and painting again. This is a rather useful site for anyone interested in going down a similar path:

Some work in progress below painting wise, a self portrait, and I am looking forward to giving it a mouth!

I have also been reading a bit about copyrighting, main question being, do I HAVE to copyright stuff?
I like the sound of so far, as it is free proof of the date a picture was made.

I have yet to check out Ludwig Von Mises's case for NOT copyrighting...Something about it shutting down the creativity of others. But if someone makes money out of/directly rips off a drawing of mine I will feel ze rage.

I like this picture of my desk... But saying that, I dont work at it much, even though I hauled it up the stairs myself for the sole purpose of working at it.
I seem to prefer sitting on my bed, looming over my laptop in the shape of a prawn, or squatting like a frog on the floor for painting...

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